Listed here are Practitioners that have taken April’s courses and submitted their case studies for approval.
These equine bodyworkers have set high standards for Equine Whole Health and Wellness and I highly recommend them to you.


United States


Hawaii -Oceanview
Sherene R Cowan, Vet Tech
Completed level 1 and 2


Name:  Jen Allen
Phone:  815-303-1958
Area Served:  North-Central Illinois; based out of Princeton, IL, and will travel out 1-2 hours, depending on amount of horses and trip charge.
About:  I have had a lifetime working with horses, with ten years of endurance riding, studying movement and biomechanics, nutrition, and lamenesses.  I started April’s Holistic Horseworks bodywork to help my horse move and feel better.  The transformation I have seen in these horses is nothing short of amazing!  I love the whole-horse approach April teaches, and am excited to continue growing in my equine bodywork capabilities!


Teri Szombathy Completed Levels 1 & 2

I live in Sun Valley, Idaho and currently work as an Equine Vet Tech. I took April’s Level I Class, “Equine Unwinding” for a couple of reasons.  First, I had a horse that was physically sore all over and we could not diagnose the exact problem. His ribs hurt. His hocks were sore, he was very tight in the hamstrings and when I rode him he would not collect and pushed on the bit. Secondly, I kept seeing the same horses coming into the clinic with physical problems but with no true diagnosis.
I look at horses differently now and am able to evaluate them differently then I did before, thanks to April. I am looking forward to finishing my next 2 levels.
Horse, Body and Soul – Teri Szombathy, 208-309-0861


Dawa Fitzmaurice, CMT – Certified Instructor: Levels 1, 2, and 3
Nevada City, California
H –  530-392-4108
W – 262-957-7628

I am an equine intuitive empath with 17 years experience as a Reike practitioner and certified massage therapist. My journey as a holistic horse practitioner began when my beloved horse Merlin suffered form a mysterious lameness that seized up his whole body. There was nothing the vet could do. I have devoted myself to the study and practice of alternative healing therapies for horses and have seen miracle after miracle. Merlin is thriving and for several years I have been helping other horses in their healing.  I love to see how each horse shines with health and vitality when I am done working on them!  I have completed April’s courses in “Equine Muscular Skeletal Unwinding” and “Applied Kinesiology” and “Cranial Sacral”.


Kila Butler
Central Minnesota

Malinda (Sissy) Deitchler
27500 Co Hwy 48
Osage MN 56570
218 255-1712
Completed Level 1
Equine Unwinding, massage, and essential oils.
I started doing April’s program after a friend introduced me to what she was doing and I wanted to learn it for myself. I’ve used essential oils with massage to release pains and sore muscles. I’m also certified in Animal Telepathy- Animal Communication understanding animals in a very much deeper level.


Lynn Reed ~ Certified Instructor – Completed Levels 1, 2, 3
Indianapolis, IN
Balanced Equine Solutions LLC



Paris, France
Completed all 3 levels
Gérard Mélanie
Email :
Website :
Facebook :équin-166688220540186/

Brief introduction :
Passionate about dressage, I naturally had to question myself and seek answers on the locomotion of the horse. From this quest for just locomotion, I became interested in fields as vast as equine podiatry, nutrition, naturotherapy and of course bodywork.

Areas that are totally complementary to each other and for which we can’t hope for results without considering a global management of the horse.

The idea is to help the horse to give us the maximum of his potential with the least amount of restraint, to have a joyful and expressive partner. What is called a « brilliant” horse!


Name: Lisette van Dijk ~Instructor in training
Phone: +31650487657
Completed: level 1, 2 and 3

About: My name is Lisette and I love working with animals. I am a holistic therapist for animals and I help animals with manual therapies, aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences and much more. I’m also a centered riding teacher and horse trainer. The bodywork of Holistic Horseworks is very useful and every horse I train gets a treatment first. For me the bodywork for horses is a prerequisite to start good training and teaching. It removes a lot of training, motion, health and behavioural problems. It makes horse training and teaching much easier, healthier and more fun for horse and rider.

Areas: I work in Europe, mainly in The Netherlands and Spain.


United Kingdom

Jean Whitebread –
Certified Instructor: Levels 1, 2, and 3
Email Jean   Equine Reconnect
“Jean is the first student to have successfully completed all 3 Levels. She is an amazing Equine Bodyworker and Cranio Sacral specialist and I highly recommend her” A.B.

Krystyna Monks – Completed Level I
Surrey and South East England
+44 (0)7850 157435

Avis Senior
B.H.S.A.I; Equine, Small Animal, & Human Energy Worker; Animal Communication Practitioner
Areas covered: South Lincolnshire, North Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire

Services Provided:
Unwinding (Body Work), Meridian Balancing, Emotional Releasing, Elements of Acupressure & Kinesiology
Contact: mobile 07950 987231                email
Visit: http//

Brenda Pullan.
Energy Worker 4 All Equine, Human and Domestic Animals.  Equine Iridology Dip.   EFT levels 1 + 2.

Services provided:  Equine: Unwinding (Bodywork) includes some Acupressure, Kinesiology, Meridian Balance,  Emotional Release.
Iridology Assessment. Photonic Torch therapy.   Drum Healing therapy.
Areas covered: North and West Yorkshire
Mobile  07825051241           email:  bphealing4all



Joey Philips – Level III Student and Equine Cranio Sacral and Bodywork


Isabelle Dorand
+41 (0)79 837 73 10

Lisa Maffei-Tanton – Completed Level 1, 2, and 3

STARDUST Holistic Horse Care & Education
CH-4588 Unterramsern SO
Phone +41 (0)79 335 80 66



Equi’be Zen : Emilie Prudhomme ~ Certified Instructor
Completed levels 1, 2 and 3


East Coast – Sydney
Marisa Levitt ~ Certified Instructor
Cherrybrook, NSW 2126
Phone: 0434 782 853

Chris Corbett
Young NSW
Mobile- 0411660682 

Canine Musculoskeletal Unwinding & Home Study Course

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